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Anita and I have yearning to see the world beyond the confines of a Hotel room.

Many of us have watched National Geographic programs or other “adventure” television programs. Anita and I have actually been there.

Most of our adventures do require some tolerance for discomfort and sense of security. Our sleeping quarters include a rather odd collection of tents, palm/mud hut, rice barge, train, boat, boat house (not the same as house boat), tree house, and many more. And on several occasions, in places where humans were NOT at the top of the food chain.

We decided long ago that we would save civilized travel for when we are confined to a wheelchair.

To date, our destinations include:
  • Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Tanzania
  • Greece, Turkey
  • Chile, Peru, Venezuela
  • Belize, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala
  • Cuba
  • Thailand, Cambodia
  • India, Nepal

When traveling though these countries we have been blessed with the opportunity to see how the people of these countries live and work in their everyday lives. On many occasions we have been invited into their homes.

We are always sad when to time comes to return home but we go with a renewed faith that the individual people of the world are genuinely good. If only our governments could behave with the same care and understanding.

Our photographs give us fond memories but often we do not recall the name or location. So many of our photographs have not been labeled other than in our hearts.

Venezuela - Canaima & Angel Falls

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Venezuela - Canaima & Angel Falls

Cuba January 2008

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Cuba January 2008

India & Nepal January 2007

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India & Nepal January 2007

Cruise Photos

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Cruise Photos

Atacama, Chile - Feb/March 2011

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Created 31-Dec-11
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